Terms & Conditions of consulting Service:

1.       We  charge non - refundable   Registration fee /  Membership  fee  for  one  time  and  valid  for  Five Year.

2.       Candidates   need   to pay Interview charges Rs- 30 per each Interview.

3.       Consulting  fees  will  be  paid by  candidates  through  cash / cheque / DD on the name of Orissa Doot  Pvt Ltd  payable  at  BBSR,  on  or  Before  the  Date  of  Joining.

4.       If a  candidate  is not  able to  pay  his/her  consulting   fees  within  the  due  date, he/she will be penalized by court of law.

5.       Letter of    intent / the   job   confirmation   letter   will be   issued   by Orissa Doot   Pvt.  Ltd.           On  /  Before  the  Joining.

6.       If the candidate leaves on his /her own to the concerned company, Orissa Doot Pvt Ltd will not be   responsible for   this   and   also   none of   the fees will   be   refundable.

7.       Orissa   Doot Pvt Ltd do not guarantee 100%   placement   after registering for any particular time period. Depending  upon  the  clients  requirement  and  availability  of  placement  as  well  as candidate’s  qualification ,  assistance  will  be  provided  in  employment.

8.       Orissa   Doot   Pvt   Ltd   will  not   be  responsible   for   any    performance   related   issues  and  fraudulent  activity   being  done  by the  candidate  and consulting  fees  will  not  be refundable. 

9.       If the candidate leaves on his/her own accord without any valid reason then also the fees will not be refundable or the candidate is libel to pay consulting fee.

10.   Taxes   will   be   charged   as applicable.  

By  Accepting  this   agreement  I  shall  be  deemed  to  have  understood  the  terms  thereof  and  be bound to comply with the same.